Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Days Away

Yesterday morning I went for my last OB check-up.  So, Thursday night I go in to get admitted at 8 pm.   I asked her not to check my cervix yesterday.  I just dont want to know.  I am stressing so much about making it to induction day.  I just feel more comfortable that route.  Last night I woke up out of my sleep with painful contractions.  They only lasted an hour.  I just prayed the whole time let this be false, let this be false, let this be false....Yesterday Karl and I finished deep cleaning the house.  Now we have nothing else to do on my "to-do-list", and I sense these next couple of days are going to go by super slow!  I made a couple of things to put in frames in Cecilia's room.  Her room is on the other side of our room.



The other side of her section of our room is just dressers, my computer, desk, and crafts.  We ran out of bedrooms but this is perfect for a nursery for her, to be only a couple steps away from her parents ♥ 

I can't wait to hold your hand, sing to you, and talk to you on Friday,  My little pretty warrior.  I wish I could take you home right away, but one day, soon, you will be home ♥

The next upcoming 30 or so days will be the hardest of my life.  `The goal is getting her strong enough for home, and I feel in my heart we will make it there, no matter how scary it seems some days.  I need you, God, to remind me of that on days I cant handle it.