Saturday, July 28, 2012

4th Week

Cecilia is still on vapotherm nasal cannula.  All of her meds are via NJ feeding tube now.  She gets 2 shots a day for her blood clot that was in the artery of her central line.  Today was the last day of her antibiotics from an infection she had.  She has worked with speech therapy often this week to work on oral feeds.  She sometimes will suck very well on the pacifier, and on the bottle, but she has not drank/swallowed her formula yet.  She has been throwing up stomach acid, so they have been giving her medicine for that, but today it happened several times.  She has a really rapid respiratory rate which I am not sure, but may not improve until her second surgery.  I had a good day with her today.  She was napping less today, so we spent a lot of time bonding.  ♥ Gina and Julia drew her pictures last night, which I hung up on her crib.  Most of them are of us visiting her in the hospital, but my favorite one is us bringing her home ♥.  We are so close to bringing her home, I hope in a couple weeks!

Tomorrow is going to be a very awesome day.  Cecilia will be 1 month old, and we will be having a family visit!  Sophia is going to meet Cecilia for the first time.  Our family will all be able to be together in the same room for the first time.

Spamming pics of Cecilia ♥

Cecilia was all dolled up this morning, thanks to her nurse.  Unfortunately, she threw up A LOT, and so the Nurse and I changed her clothes.  It was a lot work despite the buttons making it easier to put on...but we still had to disconnect pretty much every line to take her dress off!  That must have been very time consuming for the night nurse to dress her up and it was really nice of her to do that.  We put her surgical gown on that I got from Sisters By Heart.  That was much easier to put on. It buttons everywhere so you don't have to remove any lines or wires. 

Last night the tooth fairy visited Gina :)....Tonight Gina and Julia are with their Grandparents attending a play their uncle Angelo is in!  Karl and I are exhausted...Anastasia and Sophia are playing nicely, and Scooby is intent on finding a way over the deck so he can run away.

I hope all of our friends are having a great a weekend!