Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Steps

Cecilia has been having a lot of good days, and I find myself smiling more often.  The IV in her head stopped working, so they took it out.  I was celebrating it at first, but then it sunk in that they might have to find a vein.  They have not had to yet, so I am very happy about this.  I put a headband on her <3

Appropriately, hearts themed, for her special heart ♥

On Monday, her chest was closed!

They have taken that gauze off, except for where the chest tubes are.  But, that happened this morning while Daddy is there, so I have not seen yet.  She has been resting the past couple of days, and meeting her "goals" without any problems.  She had her first meeting with an OT.  They will come back to work with her when she is awake, but gave her a comfy pillow, stretched her out a little, and posted Sternal Precautions in her room. 

Mommy got the "OK" to put on her slippers ♥ 

Today, Cecilia starts to really make progress with weaning from the sedation and vent.  I am so excited to see her later this evening!  Daddy said she is a lot more "awake" than we have ever seen her.  She will  also get to meet her Uncle Rob tonight.  I have been spending long days at the hospital so we are changing things up so Karl can hang out with her during the day.  By the end of the week I should be able to hold her again if she keeps up all this great progress ♥   She's amazing.