Monday, July 23, 2012

pics and stuff

 Pictures from Sunday

Her nurse put her in this minnie mouse shirt and it freaked me out.  How can I dress her without hurting her bone that was sawed open?  She said it was safe as long as its loose and not difficult to put on....ugh whatever.  I'd rather just leave her naked then risk it.

Some Pics From Earlier Today

Slowly things are disappearing.   All of her meds are being given to her through her feeding tube now except this heart med, Milrinone.  I can't wait for her to be IV free!!

She should start oral feeds in a day or two.  I am so nervous about this just because that will be the main determining factor on how much longer Cecilia will be inpatient.  I really hope she will do well.
 Well CHOP emailed me again and said that they received some of the records they need, but not all (just surgical reports and chest x ray reports received).  I am not at all surprised, Karl started the process Thursday morning, and the next day I went down to make sure they sent them that day like they told him they would, but they had not yet.  Plus the lady I talked to on Friday down at medical records was a bitch.  So I don't have any opinion based off what they got.  I can go back down to medical records and see why they did not send all of the things we requested but I'm not sure if there is even a point to, since Cecilia is doing better now and off the vent.  She also gave me the number her doctors need to call if I ever want my baby to be transported to them while she is inpatient. 

When Karl gets back home I will be heading back up there.