Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sister Day

I guess I will start with Saturday night.  I gave Cecilia a bath, which she hated- lol.  Got her dressed, and tried to soothe her through her fussiness.  I went home after she fell asleep.

I got to the hospital with Gina around 10:30-11 am Sunday.  Cecilia was being cuddled by her nurse ♥  I love when she is getting attention!  Gina ran right up to Cecilia and was just soooo excited to see Cecilia awake.  The first time they met, Cecilia was intubated, and the last time she was sound asleep.

Gina and Cecilia instantly bonded.  Gina was singing to her, and just having a great time being with her.

Gina did not ask a whole lot of questions, she just mostly admired her baby sister.  We made about 5 videos.

Cecilia fell asleep so we were going to go get us some lunch.  Gina asked, "But what if she wakes up and misses us".  I told her it would be ok, because her nurse will take care of her until we come back.

The plan was that Daddy and Julia were going to come and spend the 2nd half of the day with Cecilia, so after 2 we started to say goodbye.  Gina did not want to leave Cecilia.  She said, "But what if her nurse doesnt know that she needs her"...I tend to have the same worries myself, but I was confident that would not happen today.  And the nurse reassured Gina that would not happen. Gina cried on the way down the hallway.  She is going to miss her so much and it just broke her heart to leave our family when they need us.  It broke my heart too.  But, I am so glad that they were able to bond today. 

After a while at home Daddy decided I could go back and he would just hang out at the house with the other girls.  So Julia and I headed out, but we stopped for ice cream first!

Cecilia fell asleep shortly after we arrived.

Julia was not as interested to hold or touch Cecilia as Gina was, but that is just how Julia is.  She would ask to hold her, and be ok for a minute, and then want to go back to coloring with her markers.  It was a good visit.  She had us all cracking up.  Julzie ♥ my weird comedian♥.  Julia asked a lot of questions, unlike Gina.  Julia asked what the wires were sticking out of her clothes.  So I explained that they are attached to her stickers on her belly and put the numbers on her tv (which the #s on the TV were just explained to her before that).  So then she asked to see the stickers on her belly.  I had not really thought what I would do if they asked to or wanted to see her with her shirt off.  So I reminded her that she is all healed from her "boo boo" when the doctors had to fix her heart.  The next question she asked completely threw me off guard, especially since I never explained open heart surgery.  She said, "So, how did they put her skin back together?"  I asked her if she remembered when Gina had stitches, which she did remember, and I told her that is how.  I asked her if she thought our baby was tough, and she smiled and said yes.  The only time Julia seemed uncomfortable was when Cecilia was projectile vomiting.  I noticed right away that Julia was upset, so I told her not to worry, that the doctors are going to fix her belly really soon so that she doesnt throw up like this anymore.  She looked relieved and said, "good, because that scared me".  I hope that I explained it all appropriately, but I was just not really expecting her to want to see Cecilia with her shirt off.  If I could re-do today, I would have prepared myself for that. 

When we got home Gina asked Julia, "hey, did Cecilia miss me?"
J- "No...  Hey guess what, I held her 2 times!"
G- "Oh yeah, well I held her 3 times!"
J- "Well I held her hand"
G- " Oh yeah, well I know something better.  Cecilia touched me!  And I didnt make her, really.  She grabbed me all by herself."
And then they both agreed that she is the "cutest" and that they love her.  One day Cecilia will join in sister rivalries/bickering...One day

Tomorrow afternoon I will find out more about the g-tube, hopefully have the full plan/details.