Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sisters ♥

I guess we all woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  It did not help that the rain kept us inside waiting impatiently to visit our dear Cecilia.  When we finally did make it to her, the kids were excited but grumpy.  Everyone wanted to hold Cecilia, and at first were fighting about it- which made Cecilia upset.   Sophia got most of the holding time, Cecilia is "her cute baby".  I took the kids out to the tree room after about only 30 minutes.  Then Karl was able to feed Cecilia a bottle (which she drank 1 ounce!) and spend another 30 minutes or so with her in peace.  I don't think I will bring the kids up another Sunday. I also have to respect that Cecilia has a roommate who's sleeping was interrupted because of us.  I felt so bad when my kids woke her up.  Madison is hopefully going to come visit Cecilia soon, and then she will have met all of her sisters!

There was a lot of crying on the way home.  They try so hard to understand why Cecilia isn't home with us.  They can feel my sadness to leave my baby behind even when I am fake smiling.  This has been hard on us all and I just need to keep hanging onto hope that we will all make it through this experience together, and be stronger people on the other side of the outcome. 

Part of today's goal for myself was to have a good sister photo.  I think Daddy did a good job :)  It is not easy to get everyone to look and say "cheese"! A lot of turned heads and blinking, but I could not hit the delete button on any of these :)