Friday, August 17, 2012

Sophia's 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Sophia Capri...

I was able to go say Good Morning to Cecilia (who is 7 weeks old today), and come back home to wrap Sophia's presents all before Karl had to leave for work.  There has been no time or energy to plan a "nice" birthday party for Sophia, so we just did what we could to make her a happy girl today.

No better way to start your day off right than with your favorite breakfast!

Scrambled Eggs

"It tastes Yummy!"

I let her do as many wardrobe changes as she pleased...especially since she was being pampered with yummy messy treats all day.  (If it were up to my kids they would change their outfits 10 times a day. As you can imagine, Laundry is my nemesis). 

Before dinner, we beat up a pinata!

And it took them over 30 minutes to break it lol...

We ate a little bit of birthday candy, then dinner, and waited for Dad to come home (8pm) with birthday cake, and presents time.

Happy Birthday Sophia ♥  I promise next year we will go all out! 

Cecilia has had a good week.  She has never looked better!  She has almost gained an entire pound since birth!  Weight gain can be a big deal for cardiac babies because they just burn calories so easily.  Here is some pics of her from my phone:

Everyone loves her spiky hair.

Getting an Echo

Well the clear tube is obviously her oxygen, and the yellow tube is her feeding tube.  She is still having some withdraw.  She got a morphine PRN last night, I'm not sure about during the day I forgot to ask the nurse.  So I also found out that Cecilia did SUPER with speech today drinking some of her bottle twice.

I love you Cecilia.  Please pray that she will continue to gain weight and that she will continue to move forward in progress, so that she can home ♥