Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cecilia Pictures

pictures over the last couple of weeks from my phone

Cecilia's new outfit from her nurse♥ Which I just love because I am Zebra fan!

Cecilia and her "friends"...she loves her Giraffe, her silky, and her lamb ♥
I love seeing her without all of that tape on her face.  She looks great...was told maybe in 3 weeks she can home.  But, EVERY week they say that.."maybe in 3 weeks"...I'm not even sure I want her to (until after the Glenn), not after what happened last week.  And she looks great now, but she also seemed great the day that event happened.  I can't relax or shake off this terrible feelings.

Her heart friends book is almost done.  I have a few important friends to finish up!