Thursday, October 25, 2012

17th Week

Tomorrow Cecilia will be 17 weeks old ♥  (on Monday, officially 4 months old).  We have been struggling with Cecilia to tolerate her night continuous feeds, and she could not gain weight without those feeds.  Thankfully she has a new feeding schedule which so far is going wonderful.  She is still very cranky and crying all night long, but at least she is not vomiting everything up.  We will see a new doctor on Monday to see if they can give some insight into this too.  It is hard to tell what is going on since she had a virus, she does have reflux, maybe just be as simple as increasing her dose or something...  Her heart looked fantastic again, so at least it is a non serious issue. 

Cecilia's one and only picture as Snow White (because she really hates her costume and was crying hardcore in the other ones I took!)

She is not going trick or treating obviously, anyways :)   We still have not got the other kids their costumes yet, but I am always last minute with everything. Gina wants to be something "spooky", Julia wants to be a Cat, I want Ana to be a Pirate, and I want Sophia to be the Queen of Hearts.  But, that may change if they see something they would rather be instead. 

I took a lot of pictures of Cecilia this week.   Her big sisters all have runny noses so we have had to be segregated from the rest of the family, and it was a little boring doing that. 

the last time wearing this dress most likely.  Grow Baby, Grow!!

She is going to have her pictures done by a very talented HLHS heart mama, Angela, in a few weeks.  I am so excited and can not wait to meet her little fighter, Lily (recently Post- Fontan). I have not met any other HLHSers in person that were older than Cecilia.  I think it will help me too, because it is so hard to envision Cecilia being past this time.  Send some positive thoughts to Lily, and her family for me ♥