Sunday, October 28, 2012


So this storm coming is predicted to be really bad...   We have been declared in a state of emergency or whatever.   Friday, I declared my household in a State of Emergency.   It involves 2 daughters, a pair of scissors, and massive clumps of beautiful hair!!!!   That's what I get for taking a shower :/   ugh.   Well... it is all said and done, so now it is time to laugh about it.

Sophia did not regret it at all...Anastasia however said she wished she did not do it, and she asked me multiple times if her hair will grow back.

I asked the ladies at the salon to do what they can...Both of them had so many different "layers" and some as short as a centimeter.  I'm almost tempted to take Ana back and get a shorter cut.   But it is probably best to let some of it grow out first so she has better options.  

Cecilia has not fully returned to the same she was as our original first 3 weeks home.  She rarely is the happy baby that I got to know.  She loves her bath at least...

We were supposed to have a LONG day of doctor visits on Monday which all will probably be canceled due to the storm.  The first was to be a visit to GI for Cecilia.  She hates eating.  And she is mainly fed through her G-tube still.  Our new feeding schedule at least has her keeping all of her feeds down instead of projectile vomiting, but she no longer rests during any of them.  She is not comfortable... but mainly her continuous feeds at night bother her so much.  I wake up once a night to change out her formula (so the pump runs over 2x and the pausing gives her tummy a break), but I am going to try splitting it up into 3x.  Maybe this extra minutes it takes me to drag my sleepy self downstairs to prepare all of that will help.  I just got a text from Ana's dentist office that her appointment on Monday is canceled...the last appointment was for Cecilia's 4 month shots.   I really wanted to see her Pediatrician, so I hope out of all 3 that this one will not get canceled.   She has to come in after Nov. 1 for her Synagis shot, so either way she will see him at least once this week. 

She is tolerating tummy time more often, which I am excited for because it will help her build her strength.  We can do 5 minutes until she seems like she is in pain.  She does well if I am laying down and have her on me instead of the floor.  That usually will be about 10 minutes that she can handle.   I try to do this at least once a day, but sometimes doesn't happen because it is her least favorite thing to do in life. 

Some pics of Cecilia and her Aunt Emily:

Hopefully we will have a great Halloween.   Karl and his best friend are going to take the kids around the neighborhood (as long as the weather is good, that is...)