Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gina's 7th birthday (and Cecilia updates)

Cecilia was not in the mood for Cardiology this week.   She cried for a really long time especially during tests.  But she still looked beautiful <3

They increased her formula, and that was about it.

Some of her stitches never dissolved, and one in particular has been fighting its way out.   I woke up to her scar looking disgusting, and so I worried a little bit about it.

Not the best quality pics


Her NP called in some antibiotics just to be safe, and shortly after this had nasty ooze coming out.   So, I laid her down to clean it, and then she started choking on vomit.  She had not been projectile vomiting so much anymore, so this all happening at once had me upset.   After I put her in the bath, it looked much better!   The redness was fading, and it had seemed to be drained all the way.  I put a band-aid over it just in case more was going to come out, and we went and got her antibiotics.  

The big kids were at their Oma's, and so Cecilia and I had a very quiet day together, and it was nice.  She did not throw up anymore either.  

Gina Raye has been growing up!   On Friday, Nov 9, she turned 7 years old, and today we had some family over to celebrate her birthday. It was great to have all 3 of her Grandma's over, Grandpa Dan, Aunt Olesia, Aunt Emily, Aunt Jessica (and her bestie Miranda), Aunt Aubrey (and Aubrey's boyfriend Mike), Uncle Rob, Big Sister Madison, and 3 of our neighbors (Gina's friends).  She was a really happy girl and I am so glad her birthday turned out great.  It was so good to see them all, especially my sister Aubrey.  I hardly ever see her ♥

(mesmerized by Ke$ha)

Cecilia and my mom

Cecilia and Grandma Vinje

Cecilia and Aunt Olesia

Cecilia and Aunt Aubrey

Cecilia and Uncle Rob

Watching The Ravens whoop some Raiders ass!

I love Gina and I am so proud of her.   She really cares about other people.  She always offers to help others, and she is my sunshine.   She is doing exceptionally well with math!   I never have to help her with her math homework, and when I offer to, she asks me to let her try on her own first :).  She is not the best at reading, but we are working on it, and her spelling is also improving a lot!  She received a diary for her birthday and has already been jotting down "secrets"  :).