Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, etc...

Our Monday was indeed a day of canceled appointments.   The storm did not seem so bad in my least we never lost any power and my yard was in tact.  I feel really sad for all of those that can not say the same.

Monday Morning:

Tuesday Morning:

the wind just made more leaves to clean up, but that was going to happen sooner or later anyways!  Our roof is leaking, but YAY for insurance...

Our Halloween Costumes were supposed to be delivered Monday, but they did not arrive until today (Thursday).   The kids could have cared less and since we have an abundance of dress up stuff, it was simple fix to recycle old costumes.

Sophia Capri, aka "Bat"

Gina Raye aka "Pretty Girl"  (her self-given title lol)

she decided to add AJ's broken wings from last year

Julia Rose aka "Cinderella"

Anastasia Jade aka "Mulan"

I'm not the best at make-up lol

Stay Tuned for next year, I can guarantee you that they will be--- Little Red Riding Hood; Cat; Queen of Hearts;  Goth Princess . 

For the past 3 months, Cecilia has had to have 2 Lovenox injections to treat Deep Vein Thrombosis~  well- NOT ANYMORE!!!  :)   I am happy for 3 reasons-  1) Her legs are so bruised from these shots... 2) I don't enjoy making her cry twice a day... 3)  Lovenox is really expensive!!  I am so happy about this!!

Cecilia's visit at Cardiology went good and her appointment with her Ped today went good as well.   He did ask me if "they" (cardiology) are Ok with her weight, which I think that they are...she is 4 months old and 11 lbs, 2 oz.  I always just look at her being on the growth chart at all as a blessing, because I know heart babies really struggle with it.  He then asked if Cecilia can tolerate 30 cal formula, which she has never been on ever so I don't know...and he told me no baby food for now, because she is burning too many calories (even though she is 2/3 tube fed).  What makes me worry is, will Cecilia ever be allowed to eat 100% by mouth?   I realized today that this food situation can potentially be a bummer to my attitude and since she is not even close to failure to thrive (She looks super healthy doesn't she ♥) I am just going to choose to not worry about calories....   She looks great to me, that's all that matters in this moment,  and I have enough on my mind to process...

For starters, her next open heart surgery.  More on that when I know more...   I am pleased that it definitely will not be scheduled until the week after Thanksgiving!   Even though I hate cooking, (and my in laws who make the best Thanksgiving will be in New York) it will still be awesome to have another holiday with all 7 of us together ♥  I am also really confident she will be home long before Christmas!  I am so ready to get past this stage.  But of course I am scared.  So thanks if you are praying for my little baby.  ♥  I will not go into how I feel about her upcoming surgery today, because this update is pretty upbeat, and it feels like I have not had one like that in a long time.