Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy holidays

Tomorrow, on xmas, Cecilia will see her sisters for the first time since the evening of Dec 2, 2012.  Cecilias stoma is tender, and we have only had to pause her feeds once and get tylenol twice since admission on Thursday afternoon.  Her feeds are slowly increased.  They will change from 2-3 ml increase once a day, to twice a day.  Her GI doctor was really happy this morning.  Her new cardiologist is very friendly and funny.  I keep forgetting his name :(   BUT we will follow up with him in Annapolis after Cecilia finally goes home.  I love that there is an IV team here, and her blood labs have never gone smoother!  There is a Cardiologist here at all times.  If something is going on with Cecilia it notifies her nurse no matter where she is, as well as the Doctors.  They can look at her monitors from their own computer anytime they want to.  Everyone is so friendly and sympathetic.  They do puppets when they are cleaning her room, and all kinds of sweet gestures like that.