Thursday, December 27, 2012

I miss my girls

Cecilia has vomitted 0 times since switching hospitals.  Before they (UMMC) said we had no other options for her formula but they strongly disagreed here in DC.  I also thought she was maxed out on GI meds, but turns out there are still options for her.  I hope Cecilia will be home by New Years since Karl has to go back to work and I wont leave her to be alone.  I wish she was home weeks ago like most Glenn kids get discharged within an avg of 5-6 days...why couldn't it be like that for her.  I feel like she was cheated...and Im trying hard not to dwell on the what ifs...because I cant change the past and fix my regrets.  I just will stand my ground and fight for her quality of life, but  don't think I will need to ever again. 

 I just want to get back to being a family. I have a good feeling about our life, and feels like we are on the right path.