Friday, December 21, 2012


Its been a long time coming, and we finally transferred Hospitals for Cecilia.  Its in all of our best interest to start fresh.  I wont miss everybody, but we really are attached to people there.  It was hard to leave those we do love.  I hope we will keep in touch!
I can go into detail once home and settled.  For now, just getting pictures...and for whatever reason when I upload to the blog directly from my phone instead of my computer, the pics display sideways.  I cant do anything about that.  Its so lame.
Pics are not in order...some from ummc... of day 2 of bile, transfer to DC, CICU, HKU (step down).   Im going to make a video of the elevators!  ,they are the best!
Cecilias tiny little vanity toy, just for her, the little diva she is, from her heart sister, Cemaia <3