Saturday, January 12, 2013

RIP John

There was a woman that I met a day or so before Cecilia had her first open heart surgery.  She asked me about my Sisters By Heart tote bag, and we got to talking.  We often were entering/exiting the building at the same time over the next couple of months and we shed many tears together.

Her name is Donna and her husband was inpatient fighting Leukemia.  His name is John.

Many critical moments in Cecilia and Johns journey, we had shown up in each others path...strangers...but friends.

After all this time, we discussed where we were from.  It turns out we live in the same neighborhood, and her Granddaughter, Olivia, was in the same grade as my daughter Julia.

Each of Cecilia's hospitalizations, I have seen Donna.  And sometimes we run into each other at the school, picking up the children.  On Friday I saw her and the first thing we do anytime we see each other is first we briefly talk about Cecilia, and then we talk about John.  I could tell it was very bad news by her eyes.

John passed away New Years Eve.  The same day that Cecilia was discharged from the hospital.

Please send your prayers for Donna and her family.    I know he is not suffering anymore, and that might be the only thing comforting her...  because she lost the love of her life and her best friend.  That is a terrible pain in her heart and soul that I wish she was not having.