Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have a scrambled post, bear with me. Feb 7th was Julia's 6th Birthday, and my 27th bday on the 8th.  It's also Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week.  Anyway, Julia's 6th birthday we have not technically fully celebrated yet.  It's hard for us financially because Anastasia's birthday is also this month (she will be 5!).  I dont typically do anything for my birthday.  We did eat cake and do a few presents for Julia though.  We are going to the Eastern Shore tomorrow to have dinner and spend time with my In-Laws.  I am so excited!  I also have began planning ideas for Cecilia's first birthday.  It probably sounds ridiculous to begin planning so early, but I have never thrown such an epic bday party before!  I dont want to mess it up!  The only thing about it that is set in stone for sure at this time, is Icing Smiles has agreed to make her a Dream Cake.  ♥



Cecilia is so clingy.  I really love that she has to be touching my hair, or caressing my hand, or bounced and danced in my arms, so don't mistake this for a complaint ♥.  I think I love it so much because she suffered withdraws until she was 2 months old (give or take).  That was very hard at times being rejected by her.  I literally avoided holding my baby sometimes even though I desperately wanted to, because I learned that she didn't want it.  Now she cant get enough of her Mamas love and attention.  ♥
 Cecilia comes back to the Cardio in one month for an echo and we discussed also getting another type of ultrasound done to make sure she doesn't have any tiny clots.  The leg where she has had her caths before has a much weaker and harder to locate pulse than her other leg.  So I thought she would have discoloration in her legs, or a size difference if she had a clot (because that is our experience with clots) and he said not necessarily.  We might also be doing some kind of test to see if she has a blood clotting disorder in the future, since she has not had this test to my knowledge.  If it was positive, Cecilia would have to stay on Lovenox injections for life.  I'm thinking he was not too convinced there would be any clot, because otherwise we would have the scan sooner, so I dont expect her to by any means.  The only other eventful thing from her check up this week was that the pulse ox is a big difference on other extremities.  Like 88 on her right hand only, and low 70's everywhere else.  I'm not sure if thats normal because prior to 2 weeks ago I could read her in the 80s regularly on her feet...  I think it might also have something to do with why he wants to check for clots.  IDK