Friday, July 19, 2013

First scare at home (mobile post re-uploaded from sept 2012)

Cecilia made us worried this morning.  She has been a very happy girl at home.  But briefly today she was very, very different.  I feel like it was intense, spontaneous pain. She was so upset she was turning colors and wouldn't breath.  something was wrong during this crazy behavior.  But then she suddenly stopped and acted as if nothing just happened, that made everything even more eerie.   Good thing we already had an appointment!  She seemed perfectly fine there.  You can see in her pics she is happy during her ekg...  She had low sats at first and 2 echos.  The first echo had apparently discovered an obstruction in the aorta.  So then her Dr personally redid the echo and she said we are "this close" to a re-admission.  I have been checking her sats constantly at home.  If Cecilia has behavior where she does not seem like herself again, she wants us to go to the ER asap.