Thursday, January 1, 2015


Dear Parents of children with heart defects,

I am a mother that understands.
  I pour my love and energy into being someone you can trust. 
 Because I want to be your friend. 
 If you're hurting, I dont want you to feel alone. 
 I do not play doctor and preach medical advice. 
 But I do seize every opportunity to educate and empower another parent if it strengthens their role as patient advocate. 
 I feel effortless empathy towards parents expressing dissatisfaction or concerns in the care because this is the road I walked and relate to...its now my personal help improve care.  
my favorite picture of Cecilia and I
It hurts to have the integrity of your character questioned.  But I'm a strong bitch and I can take it.  I'm going to stay connected to families because I am helping people.